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Rewinding the Clock on Aging Blood Vessels

Rewinding the Clock on Aging Blood Vessels


Dr. David Sinclair, Harvard School of Medicine


The Original Anti-Aging Innovation

NMN = β-Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide

NMN is a "scientifically proven" cutting edge anti-aging nutrient.
It is the main source of energy for our cells that control the aging process.

The CALERIE brand was established in 2019, based on the core concepts of the "CALERIE Study",Duke University & the National Institute on Aging.

(CALERIE scientific research below)

CALERIE® & it's production arm, 4Excelsior, is
CGMP-Certified & FDA Approved with in-house professional scientific R & D with decades of product development experience making it the
World's most advanced NMN manufacturer.

Are You Feeling The Effects Of Aging?

Benefits of NMN

NMN is a scientifically proven ingredient that can reverse the human body's aging process


NMN targets your body at the cellular level, to bring amazing benefits to various physical conditions and help reverse degenerative diseases.

Outstanding Benefits :


DNA Recovery

Prevent DNA damage and promote the overall anti-aging of cells, and cellular repair

Reduce Pain

Reduce physical aches and pain, swelling and inflammation, and faster recovery from injury

Better Sleep

Promote better deep and sound sleep quality, and reduce night-time waking up for toilet visits


Promote normal glucose metabolism, blood sugar levels and control diabetes

Liver Function

Accelerate the removal of blood toxins, and maintain healthy liver function

Skin and Hair

Regenerate youthful skin, radiant complexion, prevent wrinkles, grey hair & hair loss, & promote growth