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The EASIEST Way To Earn FREE Bitcoin

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies keep growing, owning Bitcoin seems to be a great long-term investment. If you had purchased just $10 of Bitcoin ten years ago, you would be sitting on $millions today! But it’s still not too late as its value keeps fluctuating day by day. Purchasing Bitcoin now however can be expensive for most people. But what if you could earn Bitcoin by performing simple tasks? And what if the task is as simple as just surfing the internet on your computer??

Easiest way to earn free Bitcoin

Not many people know that there are several ways by which you can actually EARN Bitcoin for FREE! Get started on this simple program, and you will find that you could be sitting on a small fortune pretty soon!

Earn Bitcoin by Surfing the Web

This is our TOP pick, and also by far the EASIEST way to earn free Bitcoin.

You earn free Bitcoin for simply using this browser instead of Chrome or others to go online. As long as you stay online, you will continue to earn free Bitcoin. Let's get started.

Important note : Works best on a desktop computer or laptop

Cryptotab browser icon

How to Get Started with CryptoTab Browser

Simple :

CryptoTab Browser—the world's first browser with mining features. Earn Bitcoin by watching videos, chatting, or gaming online. Just lean back, scroll news feed, search engines, social media, or watch YouTube or Netflix. Do anything online via this browser.

CryptoTab Browser includes a built-in mining algorithm that allows more efficient use of your computer's resources. With the Cloud Boost feature you can even multiply mining speed up to 15 times or earn much more.

Simply use this browser for all your online activity instead of Google Chrome. That's all you need to do. It can't get any simpler!

Just leave the browser open. As long as your are using the browser, you will be mining and earning free Bitcoin.

Note: It's best to RESTART the browser every 3 hours.

You can also share your CryptoTab referral link with your friends and earn a portion of their mining activity too!

girl showing crytotab browser bitcoin earnings

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