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Welcome to WebTalk ~ the ONLY  "FREE" social media platform that Actually PAYS YOU for being social.




it's FREE !

You EARN $ for EVERY :





New Referrals


Get PAID To Be Social

Earn Daily $ Rewards

WebTalk $PAYS You To Be Social

WebTalk will always remain FREE


INVITE your friends to WebTalk, & 
EARN $money for every FRIEND you refer.


How to Earn Money on WebTalk

It's EASY ! Just be SOCIAL!

  • Invite FRIENDS = $

  • Receive LIKES = $

  • Give LIKES = $

  • COMMENT = $

  • SHARE = $

  • POST = $

The more you interact, the more you earn.
It can't be easier than that!


WebTalk PAYS 50% of earnings to YOU
& DONATES 10% to Charity


Where does the money come from?

From Advertisements!

Just like Facebook, many companies advertise on WebTalk.
Advertisements generate income.


Instead of keeping the money, WebTalk SHARES 50 % of it with the users (ie. YOU ), and gives away 10% to charity.
No other social media platform gives back 60% of their earnings!

To GIVE is to receive HAPPINESS!



WebTalk PAYS You Monthly
$ Rewards for Life


How Do You Get Paid?

Via Trusted Payment Solutions

To get paid :


  1. Complete your User Profile

  2. Enroll for Cash Rewards

  3. Connect your preferred payment option

WebTalk will automatically transfer your earnings every month.


How To Get Started

Simply SIGN UP & Start Being SOCIAL !


How to invite2a.png

Go to "Main Menu"
Complete Profile &
Sign Up for Rewards


How to invite3b.png

Invite your Friends from other social media like Facebook


How to invite4.png

Select ANY method to share your Profile Link to invite your friends

Easily Manage Your Contacts

Organize your Friends into categories:

Professional, Business, Personal, or Acquaintance, etc
so that you can control "who" sees what you post.




Get PAID For Your Social Media Activity


Why post on Facebook for free when you can get PAID for the same thing on WebTalk ?!

Earn $$ for EVERY :

  • Like

  • Post

  • Share

  • Comment

  • New Referrals

All this while, you have been active on Facebook BUT received nothing in return.
Get PAID for your time on WebTalk!



WebTalk Changed My Social Media Life


Selvam Mariappan

Hong Kong.

"For years I have wasted my time posting on other social media while making them rich in the process. Thanks to WebTalk, every post I make, every Like, Comment or Share is rewarding! Gratitude to the Founder, RJ Garbowicz for creating this amazing platform that not only rewards us, but also contributes to charity, by helping the world create a better life for people through the WebTalk Foundation."

  • WebtalkLogo

WebTalk DONATES 10% of All Profits to Charity

Our purpose for existing is to help the world create a better quality of life.
  10% of all profits will be donated for LIFE through the
Webtalk Foundation


The mission of the Webtalk Foundation is to help the world go non-profit. We want to help those with aspirations of dedicating their lives to helping others achieve their goals. 

The foundation will support non-profits around the world by providing them with facilities and space needed to conduct their philanthropic work through a grant.


No matter if its a new hospital or medical office, school or childcare facility, park or recreation center, orphanage or halfway house, or any other facility needed to do conduct charity works in a clean and safe environment, a grant from the Webtalk Foundation can help. 

WebTalk is FREE


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