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Webtalk's National TV debut

Webtalk's National TV debut

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Tired of getting


WebTalk respects your rights & freedoms to share whatever you want.
And you have
full control over who sees what you post


Easy Contact Management

Conveniently organize your contacts under different categories:
Professional, Business, Personal, or Acquaintance, etc
so that you can control "who" sees what you post.


Share Everywhere with One Click

Easily share your post to other social media sites like
Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter

Be Social, Work, Play, & Earn


Welcome to the first all-in-one social media platform built to
help you create more success.

WebTalk even pays you for creating valuable content!

WebTalk DONATES 10% of All Profits

Our purpose for existing is to help the world create a better quality of life through innovative technologies.
  10% of all profits will be donated for LIFE through the
Webtalk Foundation


The mission of the Webtalk Foundation is to help the world go non-profit. We want to help those with aspirations of dedicating their lives to helping others achieve their goals. 

The foundation will support non-profits around the world by providing them with facilities and space needed to conduct their philanthropic work through a grant.


No matter if its a new hospital or medical office, school or childcare facility, park or recreation center, orphanage or halfway house, or any other facility needed to do conduct charity works in a clean and safe environment, a grant from the Webtalk Foundation can help. 

WebTalk is FREE


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