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To "MINE" Cryptocurrency

Global Savings Network, April 6, 2022

MINE Cryptocurrency the EASY way!

As the popularity of Bitcoin keeps growing, owning cryptocurrency seems to be a great long-term investment.

If you had purchased just $10 of Bitcoin 10 years ago, you would be sitting on $millions today!!
But it’s still not too late as its value keeps climbing day by day.

Purchasing Bitcoin now however can be very expensive for most people.

But what if you could MINE this valuable cryptocurrency simply by turning on your computer or mobile phone?




Not many people know that there are several ways by which you can actually MINE cryptocurrency for FREE!

Get started on the following programs, and you will find that you could be sitting on a small fortune pretty soon :


MINING Method #1

Crypto Mining
At Home

Is your computer sitting down idle at home?
Why not let it mine some crypto  for you while you're sleeping or out at work?!
Afterall , it's totally FREE

Let's get started.



  • Download this on your computer, NOT on your mobile phone.

  • DISABLE your anti-virus software before installing.
    Mining software are safe but your anti-virus program will see this as a threat. Don't worry. It's completely safe to install.


NOTE: Works on a computer or laptop only. NOT for mobile phones

There are several mining software out there, but based on ease of use and simplicity, we have selected BetterHash.

  • Easy to use

  • No Setup

  • Optimal profit

There are no startup costs.

A very simple and user-friendly application.
Just install it, and let it run.


How to Get Started with BetterHash

Simple :

Crypto mining requires quite a bit of computing power.
But computer programs like BetterHash will perform all the needed functions without any special hardware.

It's as easy as downloading and installing software to begin mining cryptocurrencies on your home computer.

If you use your kid's computer with
gaming functions, your daily earnings will be a lot more.
The more powerful your computer, the more free crypto you’ll be able to earn.
BetterHash mines the
"Monero" ( XMR ) coin. But will convert it into Bitcoin for you transfer to your own wallet.

To optimize this, you should have a relatively new computer with one or more graphics processing units ( GPUs ).

Dedicate your computer solely to mining 24 hours per day to maximize your earnings.

Depending on your CPU and GPU -graphics processing performance , you can earn hundreds of dollars each month.

This is what it looks like...

The BetterHash dashboard window :


BetterHash will do a "Benchmark" search to determine what miners can be installed on your computer. ( or you can manually click on "Run Benchmark".

All you need to do is to
click the green START button to commence mining.

BetterHash will automatically convert the mined crypto to Bitcoin and store it in your wallet. When the amount reaches approx. US$30, you can withdraw it to your chosen wallet.

You may be thinking WHY this is free? Is there a catch?
Well actually, there is NO catch. The software is completely free for you to use. BetterHash deducts a tiny fee ( 0.0002 BTC ) when you transfer your earnings to your wallet. But that is fair, because they do all the hard work for you with such a simple user-friendly software, and let you earn a lot of money for free.

Make sure to disable your anti-virus software BEFORE installing Betterhash. Mining software are NOT viruses but your computer will block them as a threat. This is a very important step.


MINING Method #2

A Crypto Mining
internet Browser

How do you surf the internet?
Which browser do you use??


  • Google Chrome?

  • Internet Explorer?

  • FireFox?

  • Safari?

Imagine earning Bitcoin every time you surf the internet!

Simply use this unique web browser instead of Google Chrome, Explorer, or others, and it will MINE Bitcoin for you!

Do your usual things media, watching Youtube movies, web search, etc etc etc. As long as you use this Browser for all your internet activities, you will be MINING Bitcoin automatically!!!
How cool is that?!

It's legit, and
it's totally FREE!!

And the BEST part : it works on BOTH your mobile phone and computer.

Let's get started.


NOTE: Works on ALL devices - computers ,laptops and mobile phones

How to Get Started with CryptoTab Browser

Simple :

CryptoTab Browser—the world's first browser with mining features. Earn Bitcoin from watching videos, chatting, or gaming online. Just lean back, scrolling newsfeed, social media, or watching Youtube or Netflix.

CryptoTab Browser includes a built-in mining algorithm that allows more efficient use of your computer's resources.

How to boost your mining?
With the Cloud.Boost feature you can multiply mining speed up to 15 times or earn much more.
This is an optional paid upgrade for those who wish to mine Bitcoin at a much faster rate.

Simply use this browser for all your online activity instead of Google Chrome.

Just leave the browser open while you listen to some lovely background music. As long as your are using the browser, you will be mining Bitcoin.

Want to earn even more?
You can also share your CryptoTab "Referral Link" and invite your friends to your mining network to earn a portion of their mining activity too. The more active miners in your network, the more Bitcoin you earn.
CryptoTab Browser makes it easy for you with tons of promotion resources like banners, landing pages, videos and texts that you can use to invite new miners.


Make sure you have set up & fully verified your wallets because you will need your "Wallet Address" to transfer your mined  Bitcoin.
If you haven't already done so
CLICK HERE to learn how to set up your WALLETs


Start Mining
Free Bitcoin Online Today!

By now it should be obvious that it isn’t difficult to earn free Bitcoin.

Always keep in mind that Bitcoin is a very valuable asset that keeps increasing in value every year, and the sooner you start collecting some, the better your chances of a larger portfolio in the future.

Experts have predicted that Bitcoin could reach a $million dollars!
If the market trend continues, this is a very high possibility.


The world of cryptocurrency is often over complicated with technical jargon that makes it very difficult for the average person to get involved in.

Often times, it puts people off.
It is no wonder that only a
small percentage of the world population is involved in cryptocurrency. Our goal is to change that.

We have tried our best to use normal language to explain things in the simplest way possible to make cryptocurrency accessible to you.

The procedures involved to get started are quite straight forward.

Please note that it is vital that you exercise caution regarding internet security when getting involved in any online earning program.



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Cryptocurrency carries risk of financial loss. We do not guarantee any form of returns.  

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