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IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE : Always store your cryptocurrency safely. NEVER leave your cryptocurrency  on any online Wallet or Exchange. The SAFEST way to store your cryptocurrency is in a 'physical' HARDWARE WALLET that is "offline" , and you can HOLD IN YOUR HAND .

10 May, 2021 Global Savings Network


With the ever growing popularity of Bitcoin and its growing market value, more and more people are turning to cryptocurrencies as a means to supplement their income.
The one major problem that has always existed with crypto is the  means of converting this digital asset into real usable money. ( and vice-versa )

Exchanges like
Binance and other digital wallets allow easy conversions, and even allow you to EARN money by simply holding crypto.

BUT the easiest and most convenient way of converting your cryptocurrencies into usable fiat cash, and be able to directly use for shopping or withdraw cash at an ATM machine, is via CRYPTO DEBIT CARDS.



TOP 3 picks for the
BEST all-round crypto debit cards

These Debit Cards will allow you to automatically convert & use your crypto as cash in your local currency - just like your usual debit card. The BEST part is that they also offer staking rewards for holding your coins, PLUS give you cashback rewards !



gs lifestyle card

World's FASTEST way to liquidate crypto

The elite solution with 5 different cards including a solid gold card.
Earn interest for holding your coins!

4-8% better currency exchange rates than high street banks. Manage all your crypto and traditional currencies within one simple platform. Offers shopping rewards and 40% discount on travel. Also offers multiple earning programs and a powerful new coin soon to be listed on Nasdaq.


visa card

The Only Card You Need

Enjoy up to 8% back on all spending with your sleek, pure metal card.
No annual fees. Top-up with fiat or crypto.
This is probably the best Bitcoin debit card out there right now.



wirex visa card

The Ultimate Travel Card - it's FREE!

Use anywhere VISA is accepted!
Discover a better way to pay, whether you’re at home or abroad. Seamless "multicurrency" spending, up to 2% crypto rewards on in-store and online shopping, automatically converts to local currency at point-of-sale using the best possible interbank & Over-the-Counter (OTC) rates, with NO exchange fees.

Keep Your Coins SAFE

For your own safety, always store your cryptocurrency offline in a
Hardware wallet.



Thanks for checking out the TOP crypto debit cards!

All the 3 cards we have reviewed offer seamless
multi-currency conversion and spending.
They also offer earning opportunities by staking Bitcoin or their own tokens. If you choose to trade cryptocurrencies, please do so responsibly.
Play it safe.


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